At PlanetLink, our intention is to create your website so that it reflects who you are. We can often use existing graphics, logos and other images. When a project calls for creating a new "look", PlanetLink has a range of design services available to suit your project. We can also work with your existing graphic designer to develop the look for your site.

Some of our client's sites have dynamic, easily editable content, database driven features and functions or ecommerce capabilities. PlanetLink has a variety of programming methods available to make your site interactive.

We think "outside the box" to develop creative solutions based on your specific needs. Since every business is unique, we feel that it's important that the development of your website take your specific needs into consideration.

The sites listed below are a sampling of some of our clients.

The Bonsai UrnThe Bonsai Urn
The BONSAI URN is a portable solution which gives you a new option to honor your loved ones with growing memories, while adding sustenance to the environment. Grow Life from Life ... To memorialize your loved ones.
Rosie BankRosie Bank
Rosie Bank is a Health Coach to busy professionals. Her purpose is to help people get their health and their bodies to support them at work and in their personal lives. Rosie is a role model, a mentor, and an inspiration.
PMPCPMPC Precious Metals Processing Consultants, Inc.
Since 1979, PMPC has specialized in the electrolytic recovery of heavy and precious metals from many different types of solutions developing technology and offering innovative and creative solutions.
MJ MarggraffMJ Marggraff
MJ Marggraff is a commercial pilot, author, and a project leader who has created a unique and new space experiment which is currently on the International Space Station. She decided to follow her childhood dreams, overcome her fears, and learn to fly.
MJ MarggraffGravityGames
GravityGames is a new STEM innovation for students (9th-12th grade) to promote the understanding of zero-gravity, space manufacturing and astronaut life on the International Space Station.
Peggy KnightPeggy Knight
Peggy Knight and her team better the lives of women and children by assisting clients in finding hair additions or medical hair replacements best suited to the type of loss, answering questions and providing caring & expert advice.
Jaz Creationz
Jaz Creationz is a school of Fashion and Dance, an International production company as well as Modeling agency. They specialize in organizing fashion shows of any kind for galas including Ramp dance for any event.
Jill LublinJill Lublin
Publicity is the most powerful and cost-effective tool around to attract and retain customers and clients. Boost your business with the expert Radical Influence, which creates high-impact publicity!
The Profit of KindnessThe Profit of Kindness
How to Influence Others, Establish Trust, and Build Lasting Business Relationships

Jill Lublin

Master the art of building trusting, long-lasting relationships through open, non-adversarial interchanges that result in mutually beneficial outcomes.
The Bodhi Tree Center for Healing Arts The Bodhi Tree Center for Healing Arts
Become a massage therapist or take advanced training's for the currently licensed massage therapist at The Bodhi Tree Center for Healing Arts located in Carson City, NV.
Marita Golden ~ Best Selling Author, Speaker and Workshop Presenter
The author of over a dozen works of fiction and nonfiction, Marita Golden's works are favorites with book clubs, used in college courses from literature to sociology around the country.
Burgess ForensicsBurgess Forensics
Burgess Forensics is a leading provider of computer forensics, expert witness and data recovery services. For decades they have saved data unrecoverable by others, faced off against experts from and for Federal Agencies, a broad range of law firms, even those in pro per and pro se.
Barbara BordenBarbara Borden
Drummer, Performer, Composer & Teacher Barbara Borden brings drumming to life and life to drumming. An extraordinary and inspired master drummer, a splendid and inspired musician, she has the innate desire to share her passion for drumming with others.
Civilian Medical Resources NetMy Empowerment PlaceorkMy Empowerment Place
My Empowerment Place is the most trusted source for stress relief solutions resulting in improved health and lifestyle outcomes for parents, children and professionals. Here you can find holistic practices for your health, wellness and lifestyle.
Civilian Medical Resources NetworkCivilian Medical Resources Network
The Civilian Medical Resources Network (CMRN) works to address the unmet medical and psychological needs of U.S. military personnel who contact the GI Rights Hotline (a national effort by 25 religious and peace organizations).
AllendeThe Allende Program
The Allende Program in Social Medicine encourages activism, progressive research, and strategic analysis concerning contemporary health problems. The Program takes its name from Salvador Allende, physician and former president of Chile. s
Excalibur DisplaysExcalibur Displays
Your direct BANNER STAND source for Retail Display, Trade Shows, Events, Fund Raisers, Meetings, or any other Venue. 25 or more of any item receives a 50% discount! 6 to 24 receives a 25% discount .
Ceramic Tile RefinishersCeramic Tile Refinishers
Ceramic Tile Refinishers offers cost effective, easy-to-implement solutions for cleaning, repairing and the maintaining of tile, grout, stone, marble, fiber glass in all areas of your home, office, entryway, or backyard.
Carlotte's ProductsCharlotte's Products
If you enjoy a clean house but find that sometimes after you clean, certain areas don’t look any better ~ this web site is for you. You too can clean your home easily and effortlessly… and have fun (Really)!
Debbi AdamsDebbi Adams
Debbi Adams is a gifted soul reader, divine healer, therapeutic medium, higher consciousness coach, and heart-centered teacher who will empower you to live to your highest potential.
Dolma ImportsDolma Imports
Dolma's unique women's clothing and accessories are all hand-made by artisans from around the globe. We have adornments for the body that are intended to bring joy to the wearer. Currently we bring to you scarves, clothing and bedding.
Dr Camille SupersonStress Free Care Giver
Dr. Camille Superson's new book “Essential Resource Guide for Caregivers: Save TIME… Save MONEY… Save Your SANITY!!!,” helps caregivers and non-caregivers alike, find the resources they need to make their life easier and more stress-free.
SluggoSluggo, Grow Slug Free
Sluggo is an effective slug and snail killing bait that can be used around pets and wildlife. Use Sluggo for organic gardening to control slugs and snails in vegetables and ornamentals. The result is growing a slug free garden!
LaRae QuyLaRae Quy
Speaker, Writer, and Expert in Persuasion and Influence. As an FBI agent for twenty-five years, LaRae Quy worked undercover against foreign intelligence officers, identified espionage activity in the U.S, and recruited foreign spies to cooperate with the FBI.
DRG Laboratory DRG Laboratory
DRG Laboratory provides cutting edge diagnostic testing to medical practitioners and their patients. Their testing protocols are so sensitive that they can detect a single copy of genomic DNA.
Self-Empowerment Through Meditation BookSelf-Empowerment Through Meditation
Diane DiMuria & Barbra Hormann
A Practical Guide for Beginners. Meditation helps to restore your brain back to a 'normal' state, one in which there is quiet and the ability to focus on one thing at a time.
Executive Windshield Repair
Need a windshield repaired? Executive Windshield Repair can fix your stone damaged windshield instead of replacing at your location in as little as a half an hour. All our repairs are guaranteed for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.
Alan KiferAlan Kifer
Alan C. Kifer is a Certified Financial Planner® and Managing Director of Top Gun Financial Planning LLC. Alan is a 24 year retired U.S. Air Force aviator and former Top Gun Instructor. Alan was named the International Air Forces’ Navigator of the Year in 1995.
Joan LubarJoan Lubar
Dance gracefully through life. How we age is based on the choices we make in our foods, our supplements, our home and personal care, and our attitudes. Whether 5, 55 or 85, we can age with energy, focus and fun.
Epner Technology, Inc.Epner Technology, Inc.
Epner Technology, Inc. is a high-tech engineering and specification plating company. Its Laser Gold infrared reflective coating is world renowned and has been the NIST standard for some 20 years.

Roadtrek RentalsMercedes Sprinter Campervan Rentals
Ride the roads of America. Stop wherever and whenever you'd like. Regain your spontaneity; your sense of adventure... WAKEN those senses. FEEL the joy!! Mercedes Sprinter Solar Campervan is the #1 manufacturer of custom class b motor homes in North America.

A Fork Full of EarthA Fork Full of Earth
A Marin County based, organic, farm-to-table catering business, they believe in the importance of making delicious and clean food available for your family, for your community and for your most important milestones. Sourced locally and produced mindfully.
Scout's HouseScout's House
They are the champions of special needs dogs and cats. The goal at Scout's House is to shine the light on these special pets, to share their stories so that everyone can know their courage, their spirit, and—most of all—their value to us.
Ageless LifespanAgeless Lifespan
You may be unfamiliar with stem cell therapy... but that's about to change. That's because it has the potential to transform how modern medicine treats age-related disease. You're born with a reserve of "replacement cells," called stem cells.
Winning in the Work WorldWinning in the Work World
Through Winning in the Work World, you will learn the foundational skills and mindset competencies that will give you the competitive edge to enter the labor market, understand the expectations of your new employer, and retain your position.
CENTER FOR HEALING BY DESIGNCenter for Healing by Design
CENTER FOR HEALING BY DESIGN, provides customized acupuncture treatment sessions (with or without needles!) that honor your individuality and your unique needs. They also provide tools and services that help you build your own ability to accelerate healing
Informed Choices in HealthInformed Choices in Health
Informed Choices in Health provides health and wellness information, including preventive strategies and effective treatments to stop or reverse health issues, reducing or eliminating the need for drugs or surgery.
Luminary VoicesLuminary Voices
Whether you are searching for unique talent for an event, or are a speaker or performer seeking an audience, they are your ultimate connection source, serving to shine a light on the wonderfully talented speakers and performers who comprise Luminary Voices.
Psychodynamics - John M. TylerPsychodynamics - John M. Tyler
Beyond Demographics And Psychographics - A Whole New Way of Understanding People. Psychodynamics is a pioneering, new values based system that is a more direct and comprehensive way of thinking about the American adult populace.
Dan Eicher’s Love’s Lessons to LaurelDan Eicher's Love's Lessons to Laurel
In a less sophisticated era, eclectic characters will help recapture your teens and take you on a subtle spiritual journey leading to the dramatic conclusion that a divine essence is closer than you thought.
ML MalcolmML Malcolm
M.L. has won several awards for her fiction, including special recognition in the prestigious Lorian Hemingway International Short Story Competition, and a silver medal from ForeWord Magazine for Best Historical Fiction Book of the Year 2009.
Dennis Kane HypnosisDennis Kane Hypnosis
Dennis Kane is a licensed medical professional and provides hypnosis, helping you to stop smoking, control and manage pain, recovery from addictive behaviors and patterns, PTSD treatment and for recovering from grief.
The Leadership Mastery Institute, Inc.The Leadership Mastery Institute, Inc.
Leadership is highly valued and necessary in many contexts: in sports, in the military, and in business life. Leaders are made, not born! Leaders don't only lead by their actions, but by who they are and how they take care of themselves.
Stardom HappensStardom Happens
Do you have a child with the burning desire to perform? Stardom Happens provides the knowledge parents need to guide their children through the experiences of performing and have everyone emerge with a positive sense of self.
You Can Confidently Interact With Others By Breaking Through Limiting Beliefs, Fears, and Unconscious Resistances That Are Holding You Back! Signe Dayhoff, Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed., is a social psychologist.
Bikram Yoga PortsmouthBikram Yoga Portsmouth
At Bikram Yoga Portsmouth, we feature the original, hot yoga method: Bikram Yoga, a 90-minute series of yoga postures taught in a heated room to facilitate healing and stretching without injury.
PraxMax™ stands for "Practice Maximization" or making the most of a business opportunity in rendering professional services. "The PraxMax Project™ catalogues what works in building a business and provides actionable ideas designed to help you grow your business.
Jai Josefs MusicJai Josefs Music
Jai Josefs is a world renowned songwriting coach. Many of his students have gone on to successful careers in the industry and secured major label record deals, publishing deals and placements in film and television..
Uprisings for the EarthUprisings for the Earth
Osprey Orielle Lake's "Uprisings for the Earth" delves into a new kinship with nature while acknowledging the treasures of urban life and the unique stake each person has in resolving critical and timely challenges.
The practice of one-now is a fundamental shift in awareness, in which you move from separation to connection (ONE), and from the future or past to the present (NOW). One-now is an operating state of mind and heart. It is a lifelong practice.
Men AliveMen Alive
Irritable Male Syndrome (IMS) Quiz
Are you a man concerned about your irritability, anger, or frustration? Are you a spouse or family member concerned about the man in your life? Take the on-line quiz.
Ben Russell CoachingBen Russell Coaching
Bring your TRUTH into FOCUS, then FOCUS and watch your vision become TRUTH. Ben Russell is a partner of a successful financial advisory team practice and a certified financial planner working personally with a smaller base of higher-net-worth families.
Healing in SpiritHealing in Spirit
This is your life. Live it with purpose. Are you are a sensitive man or woman in a transitional life crisis who needs to clear confusion, get unstuck, step into your true purpose, and live a fulfilling life?
S&Z ConstructionS&Z Construction
S&Z Construction is a family owned and operated full service general contractor. They specialize in residential construction from foundation to finish, from minor repair jobs to full-scale additions and remodeling projects.
Lydia RamseyLydia Ramsey
Lydia Ramsey is an international business etiquette expert. She is the president and founder of Manners That Sell, offering seminars, keynote speeches and executive coaching to corporations, associations, colleges and universities.
Anita Herrera PerezAnita Herrera Perez
As a Certified Life Mastery Consultant, Anita can help you design and manifest a life that's in harmony with your Soul's purpose.
For over 20 years Anita has worked with business owners, helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results.
Before We Say GoodnightBefore We Say Goodnight
Telling the story of your life and family… one night at a time. Hank Frazee is an expert on the subject of how to tell a story.In Before We Say "Goodnight", he shares the magic of storytelling and encourages us to join him on this life-changing journey with the children we love.
Lisa PhillipsLisa Phillips
Lisa Phillips is the author of Faith Steps for Military Families explores the fifteen themes found in Psalms 120-134. Now a retired military wife Lisa is passionate about helping military wives and/or military couples build resiliency and faith into their homes.
Judith & JimJudith & Jim
Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD - best known as Judith & Jim, are a husband-and-wife psychology team and best selling authors who have discovered the core issue that hold people back.
The Serotonin Power DietThe Serotonin Power Diet
Whether you've gained weight from medications including antidepressants, emotional overeating, or just “life,” The Serotonin Power Diet and Drs, Wurtman and Frusztajer can help you get the support you need for long term, lasting success.
John Zelezny CommunicationsJohn Zelezny Communications
Communications consultant John Zelezny is a corporate public relations executive and California attorney, specializing in issues management, legal PR, personal PR plans, ghost writing, and talent contracts.
Paul RosenzweigPaul Rosenzweig
Paul Rosenzweig is an accomplished writer and speaker with a national reputation in cyber security and homeland security. Paul writes, consults, & talks about cybersecurity with technologists, military professionals, and politicians.
The Teachable MinuteThe Teachable Minute
THE TEACHABLE MINUTE is a golden opportunity to show, ask, and teach kids something....anytime....anywhere..FAST! Read this book and discover teachable minutes in a daily routine chock-full of fun and BE your child's first and best teacher.
Connie HerbertDr. Connie Herbert
Dr. Hebert is one of the leading literacy luminaries in our nation today, she provides the inspiration, moral purpose and practical strategies that will help parents and teachers throughout the country develop a generation of lifetime readers, writers and thinkers.
Networking MagicNetworking Magic
Everyone's heard of using a circle of network contacts to try and get a job or increase sales at a business. Life is a big network, and either you are in network or you're out of network Just ask publicity gurus Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin.
Rob Pennington, PHDRob Pennington, PHD
Author, Speaker, Psychologist & Coach
Dr. Pennington shares specific activities he learned that can assist others to turn their own struggles into stepping-stones that can lead to an upside of personal and professional growth.
Expansion Mastery Expansion Mastery: The Practical Guide To Living A Fully Engaged Life
Robert D. Bessler is an author, entrepreneur, martial artist and life enthusiast. He is the author of the book Expansion Mastery, the CEO of 3xpansion LLC, and a leader in the area of personal and spiritual development.
Sandra ChamplainSandra Champlain
Plagued by a lifelong fear of death and dying, Sandra Champlain began a passionate search for answers to some of life's most perplexing questions. In her book, We Don't Die, A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death, author Sandra Champlain takes you on a journey to explore your thoughts and beliefs.
Sandy SteinmanSandy Steinman
Sandy Steinman has a unique insight that allows him to determine the changes that a company needs in order to improve their profitability. Your business does not have to fail, turnaround your small business today!!
Sylvia Lafair's Pattern Aware QuizSylvia Lafair's Pattern Aware Quiz
Are You Pattern Aware? You just might be trapped in your “patterns” and keep repeating the same behavior over and over expecting different results. Sylvia Lafair's Pattern Aware Quiz will help you find out!
Emotional Well-BeingEmotional Well-Being
Emotional Well-Being provides a rich illustration of how we developed emotionally and what we can do as adults to lead a happier, more meaningful life. It is written in a practical, highly accessible manner.
ELIZABETH A. GRAHAM Kitchen & Bath Interior Design. Transform your home with inspiration.The Modern Kitchen, sleek, streamlined, and efficient.Design your dream bath, create an exciting contemporary retreat.
Crash Course in PublicityCrash Course in Publicity
The Step-by-Step System anyone can use again and again to attract free publicity and grow their small business or non-profit. Discover the powerhouse crash course that will have the media and new clients banging down your doors in just weeks.
Perfect 10 Diet
Becoming a "perfect 10" is about achieving perfect health through a diet and lifestyle designed to balance the 10 key hormones that directly impact health and weight. It is neither a low-fat diet, nor a low-carb diet.
Shawn EdgingtonShawn Edgington
Shawn Marie Edgington is Americas leading “Texpert” and cyberbullying expert. She's the author of “Read Between the lines: A Humorous Guide to Texting with Simplicity and Style” and “The Parent's Guide to Texting, Facebook and Social Media”.
Shawn EdgingtonKimberly Klein
Kimberly Klein wrote Hummingbirds Don't Fly in the Rain and The Universe Speaks! volumes 1 and 2 to bring hope to people. Kim is very passionate about helping others to heal from the grief of losing a loved one.
Shawn EdgingtonWalker Royce
Walker Royce is an author, a mentor, and a thought leader brimming with insight and ideas. His book Eureka! Discover the Hidden Power of the English Language illuminates the communications power as well as the amusement potential of the English language.

Jefferson Mack Metal, Inc.
Exquisite designs in metal. Master metal worker Jefferson Mack provides a gallery of custom works as well as a secure e-commerce store for purchasing production items.

Vision of HabakkukFinance Without Fear
Finance Without Fear should be read by anyone starting or managing a business. The easy-to-read style helps remove the fear of finance for the entrepreneur, the small business owner, and the manager.
by Curtiss Patrick

These books give insight and revelations about Ronald Reagan and his family from the very start of his political career and those dedicated citizens who worked so closely with them.
Technology Partners
Founded over 20 years ago, Technology Partners manages a total of approximately $700 million of venture capital. Investments are being made currently from Technology Partners VIII, L.P., a $300 million fund.
C. Michael Bennis, Author and Speaker
Rules of Engagement by C. Michael Bennis
tells the story of a 1964 couple who create
special rules to protect their identities
and emotions during a torrid love affair.
A Woman's War by Gail Harris
A Woman's War: The Professional and Personal Journey of the Navy's First African American Female Intelligence Officer is an inspirational memoir that follows Gail Harris's career as a naval intelligence officer.
Fairpark MuralsFair Park Murals
Spectacular, monumental murals painted in 1936 by Italo-American artist Carlo Ciampaglia were painted out in 1942. The rediscovery and conservation of these important works of art has been undertaken by the City of Dallas as part of the historical preservation effort at Fair Park.
Digger Dogface Brownjob Grunt
by Gary Prisk

Countless books have been written about the Vietnam War, but very few works offer the unique perspective of the soldier on the ground, detailing the conflicting thoughts and emotions that often consumed them.
How to Save Your Stuff From a Disaster
Scott M. Haskins' easy to read and down to earth handbook helps anyone learn to preserve and protect their family history, photos, collectables... and basically all the stuff we accummulate and treasure.
Get Your Black Belt in Marketing
Ali Pervez is one of America's leading marketing experts who passionately believes that marketing is for everyone. His work focuses on helping not only organizations, but also on helping individuals improve their effectiveness in marketing.
Get Noticed . . . Get Referrals:
Build Your Client Base and Your Business by Making a Name for Yourself
Jill Lublin

Spread the word about your business using proven public relations techniques.
Get Noticed . . . Get Referrals:
Book Promotion

In Get Noticed . . . Get Referrals Jill Lublin has written a wonderful 'how to' on creating a steady, top quality referral stream for your business.
Starr's Mobile Document ServicesStarr's Mobile Document Services
Lois Starr of Starr's Mobile Document Services is mobile notary authorized by the State of Nevada to not only practice as a Registered Notary, she is also further qualified to act as a Certified Signing Agent.
Dan Holdridge
On September 11th, 2001, Dan's life almost ended when he was injured in the terrorist attack on the Pentagon. Dan dedicates his time speaking to people across the country about his experience that day.
The Power Of The Vote:
Electing Presidents, Overthrowing Dictators, and Promoting Democracy Around the World

Schoen offers a glimpse inside some of the country's most pivotal elections, proving to America why he's one of the most successful and innovative campaign strategists.
Keeper of the Beat:
A Woman's Journey Into The Heart of Drumming

Keeper of the Beat is a feature-length autobiographical documentary about Barbara Borden, an acclaimed 62-year-old drummer, composer, teacher and peacemaker, telling Barbara's story in words and music.
Penney Leyshon
For 25 years, Penney Leyshon, Healer, Artist, Author and Business Consultant has maintained a private practice as a spiritual healer in New York City. She has worked with thousands of clients from all walks of life and has sold hundreds of her original healing art pieces.
Project Methods, Inc
Project Methods, Inc. specializes in transferring the core competencies that compromise the discipline of project management to adults in the workplace, improving project performance through effectively transferring project management skills to the workplace.

Management Associates
Management Associates is a world class management consulting firm that has for 26 years built its reputation on achieving targeted business success for the companies we serve.

Handcrafted mats and bolsters made from all-natural, high-quality materials specially designed to benefit all levels of yoga, bodywork, and meditation. More than just pillows, our products are your invitation to a new experience of well being.

Gary Wollin
Motivational speaker on the areas of success, change, investments, sales, and customer service, Gary mixes wisdom, humor and high energy with the showmanship of a trained magician. His audiences learn while they are entertained - and the information sticks!


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