Wow! You didn't just simply meet our expectations in designing our company website — you exceeded them!

Steve, I have to admit to you that I was a little leery of embarking on a website project to begin with. I had heard so many disaster stories from other speakers and small business owners about their websites. Then there were all the calls I received from these so called "website experts" that made me all the more hesitant to move forward.

We felt confident in you from the start. And it is now easy to see why. You have been thorough in your attention to detail, on target with your advice, and a breath of fresh air when it comes to following through on what you promised. One of the special attributes that potential clients should know about is that you're a great listener. This attribute, I believe is the hallmark for anyone desiring to be of outstanding service to their clients.

And results don't lie. Besides the hits we're getting, we're tickled to death with how the website has helped to position us in our marketplace.

Michael Scott
Empowerment Unlimited Inc.

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the help that you have given us with our website.

Our business can become quite hectic at times and I have many responsibilities within our company. I appreciate how you can help me work through some of my intense times with empathy and patience.

I have gotten to the point where I will not do business with a supplier that does not make a significant contribution to our process and I believe that PlanetLink does just that.

The way you approach projects while keeping our goals and perspective in mind helps us to present an accurate view to our clients of what Jefferson Mack Metal is all about.

Mary Jo Mack
Jefferson Mack Metal, Inc.

I'm writing to let you know how much we appreciate your work on improving our website.

Starting with a very basic existing site and a limited budget, your upgrades have made an enormous difference in the effectiveness of our web presence.

It has been both easy and enjoyable to work with you because of your fluent technical expertise, your flexibility and your responsiveness. Once we establish the parameters and provide you with content, you always get the work done on time and to our satisfaction.

We look forward to continuing our working relationship.

Thank You!

JO Anne Smith, Executive Director
Speaking Circles International

Thanks for the great job on my website!

When I was starting the process of developing ideas for my site, I did not know where to start. I was unsure of the direction and focus my site should present. Regardless, I knew it was going to be very important to my business to have a presence on the Web. I appreciate the time you took to understand my general needs. You listened to me carefully and took the ball and ran with it.

You completed the design in record time and the site is incredible! You did your work quickly and it was completed without any problems. With all of the other responsibilities that I have, it made my life easier knowing that I could have complete confidence in you and your expertise.

Since the site has been up I have received many compliments on the design. I know that makes a big impact on people's perception of my business and the accessibility of my information to the traveling public.

Again, thanks for a job well done.


Bill Amaral

When we were working on developing the website, we were a bit new with internet technology. What struck us was your way of communicating with us despite our technical inexperience. We referred to you as "user friendly." We never felt that our communications were hindered—you were able to "read between the lines" and give us exactly what we wanted.

We appreciated how you persevered through all of the changes without compromising doing the job correctly. You had a lot of really creative suggestions on design and the ease of use for our site which was very helpful.

Choosing a web designer is a little intimidating. We were glad to find someone who made the process so enjoyable.

Warmest Regards,

Cheryl Miller

We don't often take a moment to thank people for the job that they do for us. I want to take a moment now to do just that.

Just a quick note to thank you for your fine work. I am utterly delighted with my website. Visitors to the site you designed for me consistently tell me how great, easy to use and nice looking it is. I agree! As a designer and a host, you are the best for small business like mine. Thanks again for a great job done.

Best regards,

Jack Smith, President
Jack Smith Media Group


I am writing this letter to let you know how thrilled and delighted we are with your work. You transformed our website in very little time and the results continue to be phenomenal.

On a daily basis, we receive calls from clients telling us how great our website is and how easy it is to use. This is especially important to us because we have people looking at our website for many different reasons (lodging, retreats, weddings) and we are up in the mountains, which is usually a one-to-three hour drive for a site visit.

It is especially critical for our brides to get a quick impression of what our facility is like because they have so many options to choose from. They are so happy to see the variety of pictures of both weddings and receptions, along with the menu and pictures of the rooms. In fact, we have had four out-of-state weddings book their special day with us based purely on the website. The first time they saw our facility in person was the morning of their wedding. Each couple told us how much our facility looks like the website and how well it actually represented who we are and the services we provide. We always recommend that they put our web address in their invitations so friends and family can check it out before they arrive. We have actually booked several other weddings, retreats and family reunions from wedding guests before they even arrive.

Our retreat planners also thank us for making their job so easy. They can see pictures of the rooms, the conference room and select from the menu without having to wait for a fax or a package in the mail.

Your search engine placement services are exceptional. I believe at least 70% of our business is a direct result from the website. When I ask, most people tell me they typed something in on a search engine and we popped up first or we were listed as a link on another website.

Steve, you are a joy to work with. Whenever I'm not sure about adding something or taking something away, you have the perfect suggestion. Your staff is quick and professional as well. Thank you for making my job so much easier!


Teresa M. Manley

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and value all of your time, interest, and talent. The service that you provide in helping me to make my website extraordinary was all I needed to launch a new face on my business and create a viable, impressive and functional website. It could not have happened without you. The time we spent on the phone and our face to face meetings made it possible for me to establish a foundation for generating new business and directing current clients and customers to a place where they can get information about both my products and services, and learn something as well.

Many have commented on how well the site serves them and ease with which information and materials can be obtained. Your insight, and expertise has enabled me to have a professional web presence and an image that adds to the credibility of my services. It helps all who may have heard of me and are seeking my services as well as those who know me and are wanting to remain in touch and stay up to speed with my new services and programs.

Thanks again for all of your hard work. You have made it a pleasure to do business in a cyber world of websites, and glitches, where there are so many opportunities for things to go wrong, you made it easy, effortless and enjoyable.

Thanks again Steve.

John Alston, President and CEO
John Alston Presents Inc.

Working with Steve and PlanetLink has been a very enjoyable experience. The most valuable asset to me personally is Steve's intuitive sense of what I want.

Rather than just writing code, Steve is always thinking two steps ahead about issues such as "how to make money." He also picks up very quickly on what I want to accomplish. Besides all this, Steve has a great staff. They are fun!

I would recommend PlanetLink to any company large or small and guarantee you will be pleased with the results while enjoying the ride.

Sig Hutchinson, President
Sig Hutchinson & Associates





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